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How may I serve you?

Here at Stockimagehive you will only find original and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated Art. And we do not talk about bad replica of known artists – no we are only offering original high quality illustrations, paintings, concept art and images.

With tools like Dali, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and other cutting edge technologies we believe a new era is at the horizon. Here we want to establish a place where you get high quality, original stockimages for fair price and easy license conditions. So you don´t have to worry any more about copyright strikes and claims when using art for commercial projects and purposes.

License the easy way

Is there any more annoying things than complex licenses?

We are not sure but it´s definitely a pain in the a** – and we don´t want that. Therefore we only have two easy license models for commercial usage. A very low priced Online License for anything you need for a commercial usage on the world wide web. Also we offer a very affordable All Media License for everything not covered by the Online License. That´s it!

As all images are gererated by AI and only the last finishing touches are made by the artist we only offer 100% Royalty Free Stockimages. That means you only have the license price and nothing more – no hidden costs or any third party.

This is how easy and simple stockimage licensing should look like.

How does it work?

How does licensing work and what are the formats?

It´s pretty easy: what you see is what you get (but without the watermark). As we have to protect as everyone else our images against illegal usage we have put a watermark on the preview images.

The Preview Images will open in a lightbox when clicking the thumbnail then right click and save the image to your desktop to have a local file you can play with and test if it fits into your project.  After choosing a license you receive the image without the watermark. That´s it….

The general format of our images is:

  • JPEG Format, 24 Bit and 72/96 DPI, mostly in 6K

We have a wide variety of Genres and Styles like Waterpaintings, Illustrations, Concept Art, Character Design, Childrens Book Illustrations… and much more.

Come on in and make yourself a home at the Hive….registration is of course totally free